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Spooky scary celebrities: seven musicians to dress as this Halloween


Halloween is just a few days away, so here are seven musicians to dress as that will kill it this season. Halloween is a great time to get creative and dress as musical icons from household names like Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks to rising stars like Chappell Roan.

Taylor Swift:

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Taylor Swift kicked off “The Eras Tour” this year and there are so many costumes to choose from. With ten eras, the options are endless from elegant dresses to sequined bodysuits. Get a group together to rock all ten of Swift’s eras, or pick a favorite.

Phoebe Bridgers:

Phoebe Bridgers’ style embodies Halloween all year round as her trademark is a classic skeleton. Anything with bones and a blonde wig exudes Bridgers’ Halloween. However, there are more niche ways to dress as Bridgers such as the “Silk Chiffon” music video. In this video, Bridgers is seen wearing a pink blazer and shorts, a wide pink headband, pink hair, and loafers alongside indie pop band, MUNA.

Stevie Nicks:

A Stevie Nicks costume will never go out of style; the queen of rock and roll is timeless. Her most infamous look is the Rumours dress, as seen on the album cover and on the Stevie Nicks Barbie® releasing November 10th. This costume requires a flowing ethereal dress to encapsulate her 70s bewitching style.


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boygenius is an indie trio of singer-songwriters Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. They went on “the tour” earlier this year dressed in various suits on stage. This makes an easy and iconic costume for those with business attire already in their closet.

Alternatively, a more casual and DIY costume is to recreate the “true blue” shirts as seen in the music video. All that’s needed for this is a bucket of blue paint, white t-shirts, and friends.

Chappell Roan:

Chappell Roan is a rising pop star who released her debut album last month. She has a handful of elaborate music videos and tour outfits that would make great Halloween costumes. Each show on her tour has a theme such as pink cowgirl, slumber party, and angel vs. devil. One of the most recognizable costumes is Chappell Roan on the cover of The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess with her sash and tiara.


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The Haim sisters were seen opening “The Eras Tour” earlier this year. They have a recognizable performing uniform: black bralette and leather pants. This simple outfit makes a great trio costume for sisters or friends to recreate.

Pom Pom Squad:

Pom Pom Squad’s Mia Berrin can be seen on the cover of Death of a Cheerleader, the band’s first full length album released in 2021. The record pays homage to the 1999 movie But I’m a Cheerleader. Berrin wears a white dress with a red heart, thigh high white boots, blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick. This is a unique twist on the traditional cheerleading costume.

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