Spacemoth at The Fixin’ To


Lucy Boretto

Maryam Qudus, also known by her stage name of “Spacemoth,” delivered an excellent and engaging psychedelic performance at The Fixin’ To, an 80’s inspired bar venue in Portland, Oregon on March 23rd, 2023. The venue is small and intimate, which contributed to the spectacular electronic vibes of the music. With the bar surrounded by a photobooth and classic arcade games, the bathroom covered in stickers from floor to ceiling, and a removed patio space for when you need a break, this venue has a spot for everyone.

The first thing that caught my eye was the cohesive color scheme of Spacemoth’s band and backdrop. I loved the orange, yellow, and blue tones that perfectly matched that cool ice cube cover art of Spacemoth’s debut album. Anyone who loves attention to detail can appreciate this creative choice.

The song “No Past No Future” opened with sounds of static and water, an intriguing beginning that can capture any new listener’s ear. The visual display behind the band was a perfect depiction of the feeling created by the music – a feeling of being levitated out of your own body and into the music.

One of my favorite songs from Spacemoth’s intergalactic, avant-pop set was “Noise of Everyday Life.” This song would be perfect for the classic coming-of-age tunnel scene or the end credits in an indie film. For those who dream of being professional movie scorers, take note! Overall, the music felt like something you would want to listen to in noise canceling headphones, while imagining you are somewhere out of this world. Spacemoth proved that her music is as cool as her stage name and that she is able to put on an inspiring show both visually and audibly. Check out Spacemoth’s debut album “No Past No Future” on all streaming platforms and her instagram @Spacemoth__.

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