What to do with all the whey?

Inspiration Dissemination

What to do with all the whey? Whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking, is a nutritious liquid filled with proteins and sugars – and for every pound of cheese made, there are 9 pounds of excess whey produced. Some of this whey can be used for making protein powder, and some can be fed to livestock, but there is a massive amount leftover that cannot be easily discarded due to its high acidity. Food Science master’s student Alyssa Thibodeau joins us to discuss her idea for a whey-based fermented drink similar to kombucha, which she affectionately terms “cowbucha”. Check out the episode to learn more about the science behind whey fermentation and Alyssa’s experience as a single parent in graduate school! Hosted by Lisa Hildebrand and Grace Deitzler.