Music Director’s Favorite Releases of Fall 2022


Natalie Galbraith, Music Director

As we head into winter and the new year I want to share my favorite releases from fall 2022. 


Carol Ades – Sadtown USA

Ever since seeing Carol Ades open for Lizzy McAlpine this summer, I’ve loved her music even more. Sadtown USA is her second EP and she intends to release an album in the future. Ades writes about hard times and still growing up in your 20’s. This EP is complete with a trilogy of music videos. 

Current favorite – “Sunny Disposition”


Phoebe Bridgers – “So Much Wine”

Bridgers added a sixth song to her collection of holiday music this season with her cover of “So Much Wine.” This track includes vocals from Andrew Bird, who also covered The Handsome Family’s song in 2014, and her partner, Paul Mescal. This cover is a great addition to Bridgers’ melancholic holiday covers. 


Quinnie – “itch”

“itch” was Quinnie’s third single of 2022 following “touch tank” and “man.” Quinn Barnitt released her first EP gold star in 2019 and went viral on social media while promoting her single “touch tank.” Not only is Quinnie a beautiful singer and songwriter, she also creates all her own cover art. 


Reneé Rapp – Everything To Everyone

You may know Reneé Rapp as Leighton from The Sex Lives of College Girls or Regina from Broadway’s Mean Girls. Rapp released her first EP Everything To Everyone this fall after releasing her debut single “Tattoos” in June. With her musical theatre background, Rapp makes an incredible performer. 

Current favorite – “Colorado”


Andrew Bird – “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”

Andrew Bird took the words of Emily Dickinson and turned them into a song. The lyrics of “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain” come from the poem by Dickinson titled the same. Andrew Bird is joined by Phoebe Bridgers on this duet, who brings her beautiful vocals to this piece. 


Blair Lee – The Puppy Game

The Puppy Game is Blair Lee’s debut EP. This EP is a reflection on growing up. Lee grew up a classically trained pianist and says chord progressions are the emotions of the songs. Blair learned to use them to color her own music. 

Current favorite – “Flower Mind”


Field Guide – Field Guide 

Field Guide (aka Dylan MacDonald)’s self-titled album is his sophomore full-length. The vocals and acoustic guitars were recorded in a woodstove-heated cabin, which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of this album. Wrapped up in a blanket by the fire with a cup of tea is a perfect listening spot for this folksy record. Even better if you’re in the woods. 

Current favorite – “Leave You Lonely”


Veps – Oslo Park

Veps is a four piece indie pop band from Oslo, Norway. Oslo Park is their debut album. Veps has been touring at European festivals and headlining in the UK. The band name, Veps, translates to wasp from Norwegian. 

Current favorite – “Mooney Tunes”


Suki Waterhouse – Milk Teeth

You may know Suki Waterhouse from her acting and modeling, but you can really get to know her through her music. Waterhouse released her debut album I Can’t Let Go earlier in 2022, and this EP features songs from earlier in career and the previously unreleased “Neon Signs.”

Current favorite – “Good Looking”

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