Mighty (a)morphin’ Power Metals

Mighty (a)morphin’ Power Metals

Adrian Gallo and Bryan Lynn

If the super-villain Magneto ever discovered these new metals he would probably drool. Metallic glass, or amorphous metals, have 2-3x the strength of steel, are incredibly elastic, have very high corrosion and wear resistance and have a mirror-like surface finish. Our guest, PhD Candidate Jaskaran Saini in the College of Engineering, collected two world records in the last two years helping make the largest metallic glasses ever here at Oregon State University. These glasses were first made in the 1960’s as a lab curiosity, but they used precious earth elements that made production too costly. Jaskaran developed his record-breaking metals without these rare elements. We talked about a range of topics including how these metals can be used everywhere from the gears on the Mars Curiosity rover to the back’s of iPhones, how he felt when he broke the world record(s), and we discovered he produced music in his spare time! You can listen to his song, Sephora by JSKRN on SoundCloud, at the end of this episode.

Hosted by Adrian Gallo and Bryan Lynn.

Check out the ID blog!: https://blogs.oregonstate.edu/inspiration/2022/02/02/mighty-amorphin-power-metals/

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