Water Woes of the West

Adrian & Bryan

What happens when there is too much water promised to too many people? Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, or part of a Tribal community, it’s no exaggeration that your lives depend on the dwindling water resources in the Klamath River Basin. We speak to a visiting scholar and PhD Candidate Hannah Whitley about the complicated history of the area, the overlapping water use and land rights issues, and how communities are beginning to problem solve. While this research is specific to governance practices in the Klamath River Basin, it also serves as a test case that other communities can learn from because water issues in the west are just beginning.
Visiting Scholar – Penn State University
Guest: Hannah Whitley
Hosts: Adrian & Bryan

ID blog: https://blogs.oregonstate.edu/inspiration/2022/01/23/water-woes-of-the-west/

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