Hearing is believing: characterizing ocean soundscapes and assessing noise impacts on whales

“I always loved science class and science questions, and I went to science camps – but as a kid I didn’t really put it together that being a scientist was a career or something other than sitting at a microscope in a lab coat,”. Our guest this week, Dr. Samara Haver, has come a long way from not realizing the myriad of careers in science when she was a child. She now works as a marine acoustician, researching underwater soundscapes and ocean noise to understand the repercussions for marine ecosystems and animals, such as humpback and blue whales. Samara’s PhD research revolved around analyzing the recordings from the 12 hydrophones to explore several questions regarding differences in U.S. soundscapes, including baleen whale presence which she was able to identify by their unique vocalizations.
Guest: Samara Haver
Host: Lisa Hildebrand
Inspiration Dissemination: https://blogs.oregonstate.edu/inspiration/2021/11/06/hearing-is-believing-characterizing-ocean-soundscapes-and-assessing-noise-impacts-on-whales/

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