Bastille’s “Doom Days” tells the story of an adventurous night out

Bastille’s “Doom Days” tells the story of an adventurous night out

Madilyn Sturges

“Doom Days” is a concept album that follows a night out. Each of the songs tells the story of one part of the night, based on true events that have happened through each member’s own experiences with nights out

“All the things that we talk about in the album didn’t all happen in one night,” Simmons tells Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1. “They were pieced together from different nights.”

“There was a lot of research,” Dan Smith, lead vocals, continues. The entire band researched and throughout through the entire album to not only describe an incredible night but focus on the reason people go out and party. They party to escape, to feel something.

“The album is about an apocalypse happening outside and you are just trying to escape from it,” Smith notes.

The album starts with the single, “Quarter Past Midnight” – which is the beginning of the night. A catchy and upbeat beginning, the song gives you an insight into what the night has planned.

“Keep on running

Running through a red light

Like we’re trying to burn the night away”

“Waves,” the third song from the album, continues this idea of escapism.

“Staring down the barrel of a hundred tons

It might be getting older, but the night’s still young

We never, never give up on the lost boy life

So here we are, escaping from the world outside”

“Doom Days,” the song that shares the title of the album, gives off a dark vibe from the normally upbeat songs. The darkness of the night is something everyone can relate to. Following that message of using a night out to escape from reality, the song features figures like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, both figures of imaginations.

“We’re gonna choose the blue pill

We’re gonna close the curtains

We’re gonna rabbit hole down, third act love now

We run away from real life, thoughts tonight

We’re gonna Peter Pan out

Fade to the close-up, arms ’round

We’re gonna stay naive tonight, night, night”

Bastille describes this album as an electropop creation. They aimed for a concept album, which they put a lot of thought into the format of the entire album and the story it tells to the listener. In a time where albums are pushed aside for the radio play of the songs, Bastille has created a story that flows through the album and the listener can’t help but listen to each song to see what happens next.

Each song takes place at a significant point of the night:

00:15 – Quarter Past Midnight

00:48 – Bad Decisions

1:22 – The Waves

2:05 – Divide

2:39 – Million Pieces

3:07 – Doom Days

3:28 – Nocturnal Creatures

4:00 – 4AM

4:52 – Another Place

5:46 – Those Nights

8:34 – Joy

FCC: #5, #6,

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