A dive into up-and-coming artist, binki.


Thomas Mahler

Music recommendation algorithms are a mystery. It can pull out a tiny artist with fire music and blow your mind. Examples of this are artists like boy pablo, Dayglow, Jack Stauber, and a ton of other artists. Over winter break, binki was the artist that I found and I can’t stop listening to him.

My journey with binki began from a recommended YouTube video. In the video, binki performs, in my opinion his best song, “Heybb!”. The music video features a man with rainbow sherbet hair, a similar style to Kanye West’s, dancing around the city with a mannequin. Right away, binki hits you with a hard:

Hey Baby!

It reminds me of King Krule without the thick English accent. The video is wacky and confusing. Binki parades around in public, holding half of a mannequin, as he continues to yell into a yellow telephone. It is truly amazing. Musically, the song uses a simple hook, but there is something addictive about it. It is hard not to sing to it after first hearing it.  

Beyond “Heybb!”, binki has only 4 released songs. “Marco” is a more personal song with a funky beat. On “Sea Sick”, he demonstrates his different singing styles. I recommend checking all of them out. DJs at KBVR are already hopping on the binki train and it’s time to jump on.

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