Alfa Mist connects hip-hop back to jazz


Thomas Mahler

In the field of science, there may be a discovery in one field such as physics and that knowledge will lead to the discovery of a separate field such as mathematics. Looking at a problem from a new perspective can help us understand it better. In music, I believe this can occur for musicians that are involved in multiple genres. Hip-Hop relies heavily on the idea of sampling music to produce beats. In a lot of cases, the samples are from jazz. Today, I think that artists of hip-hop are going back to jazz with what they have learned from hip-hop. Alfa Mist is one of those artists.

Alfa Mist is inspired by the production masters such as J Dilla and Madlib. He is a self-taught musician that was inspired by hip-hop instrumentals. He found jazz from the sampling that is used by those hip-hop producers. He uses jazz’s improvisation whilst keeping controlled enough for an untuned jazz listener’s ear to follow and appreciate. Currently, there is a growing UK Jazz trend and he is one of the big artists coming out of it. A lot of artists in the scene are worth covering, and I am still getting into it, but Alfa Mist fulling pulled me in with his music.

If I had to pick one album to go listen to, I would recommend Antiphon. I love the introduction track. The brass instruments and drums are fantastic on the song. I enjoy how the album flows like a story. Alfa Mist uses skits talking with his siblings to do this. Skits can be tough to include in albums if they are too random, but Alfa Mist does it fantastically. For me, the skits help me connect to the music more emotionally. 

Alfa Mist will be dropping a new album, Bring Backs, on April 23rd. The album is said to explore more of Alfa Mist’s musical origins. He released a single, Run Outs, that I have been continuously listening to this entire week.